Frank Versteegh

aviator - keynote speaker

Frank Versteegh

Frank Versteegh has been an Airshow and Red Bull Air Race pilot and with over 43 years of aviation experience this legend offers a wide range of services to individuals and corporations.  He has flown more than 180 types of aircrafts and flew more than 1450 airshows in 40 countries. As one of the very few selected pilots he flew under the Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam and under the Chainbridge in Budapest. He has raced from all the 4 corners of the globe including races in Rio de Janeiro, Abu Dhabi, The Golden Horn in Istanbul, and in the Navajo territory in Monument Valley.

Frank is a perfectionist filled with passion and devotion and he has a great sense of humor. His fellow pilots describe him as ‘precise, intense and generous in his breadth of knowledge’.  Nowadays Frank shares  his experience with young flight instructors in Africa. His specialties are advanced training and upset recovery techniques (for the non-pilots: this means real flying, stick and rudder. Not pushing buttons).

Speaker and traveller

As keynote speaker to major companies Frank Versteegh is in frequent demand in Europe, Africa and the United States. His topics vary from risk management and  safety to FEAR.  According to Frank Versteegh there is no box when it comes to the topic ’Thinking outside the box’. His view of media is refreshing and he is always putting things into perspective.
-Risk management
-The influence of media on your life
-Lef of leven. A very motivational talk

Keynotes can be delivered in Dutch, English and German..

Frank is able to weave his passion for technology, photography, aviation skills and life experiences to assist companies and individuals to exceed their goals and achieve their mission of not missing the mark! He is passionate about nature conservation and a believer in the Law of Nature. Frank is involved in conservation projects like trying to save the Rhino in Africa from extinction.
At the moment he is writing a travel-cook-book organic style. 
Frank has delivered his high intensive, energetic and approachable concepts to a wide variety of companies such as: Veiligheidsplatform Schiphol, Gesellschaft für Internazionale Zusammenarbeit, AKZO chemicals, Corus, BDO, DSM, Van Oord dredging, Yaght, Unilever, KPN, NS, Vopak, Essent, Centrica, Workfox, Urenco, ETC (Enrichment Technology Company) and numerous hospitals all over the world.