Frank Versteegh

aviator - keyword speaker


Boskalis, Dana petroleum, Onyx-power, Coninko, Royal Netherlands Air Force were organizations, amongst others hosting safety events.
For each organization I developed a taylormade keynote speeches. It is interesting to observe the difference between audiences. The hands on people are very interactive and responsive whilst some others need an extra bucket of energy:-)
One day I get home after doing a keynote and I am full of energy, and sometimes, fortunately hardly ever, I feel drained.
Recently during the preparation meeting with on of my clients the project manager told me I might need two buckets of energy for the upcoming keynote. Big smile fom my side and, a challenge. I love this kind of challenges.
I believe that exchange of energy is a vital ingredient of the session. I feel it as my responsibility to make sure everybody is involved.

Quote Robin Smit Operations Supervisor Dana Petroleum The Netherlands bv:
Frank is like a big barrel, when you open the tab you get an interesting story. He shared so many metaphores usefull for our company, I did not have paper enough to write them all down.

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