Frank Versteegh

aviator - keyword speaker

Fear is transferrable

Unusual attitude training as part of upset recovery is an essential subject in pilot and instructors education. Recent accidents with airliners were caused by pilots not aware of what their airplane was doing. Pilot education has to be as cheap as possible and spin training and/or aerobatics are often skipped because of money.
An instructor who does not have the experience of entering and recovering from a spin has the tendency to be afraid of spinning. He will transfer this fear to his student, without even realizing he is doing so. The sessions in which I teach African instructors are very effective and leave the young teachers with a very positive feeling. Slow flying, high bank turns, and teaching them to have full control in all situations.
The first step of the training consists of creating awareness of what the aeroplane is doing. In general all normal category aircraft are stable. Instability is mainly caused by human factor. Direct of indirect. Overcontrolling and under controlling may lead to a fatal accident and can be prevented.

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