Frank Versteegh

aviator - keynote speaker

Keynote Speaker

Safety is a blood type, is one of Frank’s quotes. Its not the licenses or proficiency checks you passed, making you survive but its your attitude.
Human beings make mistakes, we must accept this fact.
Frank’s keynote about risk management, safety and situational awareness is a very inspiring and exiting talk.
He shares inside stories with you and about how to survive and how easy it is to die.
In a light and humorous way Frank takes his audience in his cockpit.
He explains that safety is fun and can be competitive in a positive way.
Frank is not teaching but sharing!

More than 28 years of being a speaker he spoke for hundreds of companies and organizations means that he is very quick in analyzing what the best approach would be for your company. When Frank has been speaking for your company, the audience will remember metaphores he uses in his keynote for many years.

Covid 19 is a perfect example of risk management. How NOT to do it. A crisis should only be managed by professionals, not by politicians.
Frank designed an unique keynote about FEAR.Together with a young psychologist he explains why people are afraid and that fear often is learned behavior. An interesting presentation.

A wide variation of companies and organizations like hospitals (in Kigali, Rwanda, Groningen, Amsterdam, Arnhem, Sliedrecht, Rotterdam), IT specialists from NS (Dutch rail) dredgers in Dubai, Risk managers from GIZ in Mombasa, KLM airline in Amsterdam, offshore industry, insurance companies, schooling, government, police and crime fighters , airforce fighter pilots, helicopter pilots, air traffic controllers, transportation/logistics, sea freighters, chemical industry, forklift industry, nuclear industry and undertakers.

Frank Versteegh loves the challenge!
He is not only a very dedicated speaker, he also entertaines his audience with metaphores and examples from his aviation career.